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The main questions

that must be answered in the preparation of the Technical Specifications:


Appointment Internet project

Try to formulate objectives that you set for the future of the site, however trivial they sounded. It will orient you and future development in the right direction.

Your requirements for site design

Colors, the overall style, the presence of flash, etc.

Site structure (table of contents)

Submit your site in the form of a brochure or book and try to structure information on chapters, sections and subsections. If you have a store or catalog, you still write the TOC. Nesting sections is not limited, but in practice the level of 2-3 is enough.


Navigation menu usually consists of a main and sub internal pages. At this stage, try to imagine and then describe possible ways to move through the server. Vertical (inside section) and horizontal (between sections) transitions should not lead to the loss of "orientation." On the inside pages is useful to have the "return" to previous pages. Intuitive navigation - the key to successful operation of the site.

The structure and content pages

At this stage you should describe all the pages, including the title page, text and graphical information, links to other pages and sites.


If you have to maintain the site yourself and change the information on it, you must describe how you would like to do it.

General remarks

If you understand how the site should function, then try to write the script of his work. Introduce yourself and think about the site visitor, to be easy to find, read and understand the information provided on the site. From the script easier to understand how the site structure should look like, and the script and map - is half the battle in writing TK. Site Structure (cards) and a page description is sufficient for a preliminary discussion of terms and cost of the work.

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