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Audit, analysis, optimization


    Before proceeding to promote the site must hold his audit.
    During the audit, we determine all the parameters of the site - its structure, workload code pages and much more. Also we study the closest competitors in the Internet. 
    Analyzing the report we can properly build internal and external optimization.
     In the process of internal optimization we change the structure and content of the site, reconstruct the code change and configure a large number of parameters.
    Upon completion of the internal optimization can proceed to the external optimization, ie the so-called progress.
     In the process of moving, we regularly make such reports and statistically analyze site, based on which we can adjust the program progress.
    If we promote your website, the cost of the audit, analytics and internal optimization is included complex promotion.
    If you need an independent audit or making regular analytical reports without complex promotion, the cost of the work is determined by the volume of work planned.

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