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Promotion in search engines


Basic principles of promotion:

  1. We study the site and only after reviewing the audit findings are starting to promote
  2. We promote only white methods, thus avoiding the negative effects
  3. The basis of promoting - internal optimization and filling it with content
  4. Reference weight for this promotion are purchased in the form of "eternal links" from reliable Trust sites
  5. SEO links, we use only at the end of the way to pull high-to low-frequency queries
  6. We regularly analyze and compile the promoted website understandable reports for the customer


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Stages comprehensive website promotion

  1. Site audit
  2. The semantic core of key phrases depending on the needs of the customer and the allocated budget
  3. Internal optimization
  4. External website optimization
  5. Regular analysis of site statistics for the correction of the promotion program
  6. Maintenance of key queries in the top



What you should know

  1. Modern search engine algorithms complex mechanisms, besides constantly improving.
  2. The company guarantees instant hit in the top dissemble. Fast, and hence the black methods of promotion give short-term effect, and then discarded poster far down the SERPs or even falls under the filter search engine
  3. The main rule of successful promotion - website should be created for the people and provide answers to their queries on the Web
  4. The more demand site, the more its popularity, the longer people linger on it, getting the information they need, the faster it will be in the top
  5. Large natural stuffing or the more paid links can be regarded as a search engine search engine spam, for certainly follow sanctions. Therefore, all the time
  6. It should be remembered that the weight of the links the search engines are starting to take into account a few months after their appearance
  7. If you need to get a large number of customers in a short time, it is worth to advertise that if done right will give a positive impetus to the promotion of key phrases
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